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(4 April 2015)

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Ham Radio Items for sale

The items on this page are for sale. They are Ham Radio parts, accessories and radios. For Sale Items

My Ham Roof-Tower Project

For the last few years or so, I had been debating whether to put up the used Rohn-Spaulding 40 foot tower in the back yard or buy/build an 8 foot rooftop tower and install over the garage. In 2012 I purchased the Yaesu GS-65 thrust bearing in anticipation of completing one or the other projects.  I already had 2 almost new antenna rotors, A Kenwood and a Diawa (multi-motor) plus a random length of 8 conductor rotor cable. In the spring of 2013 I decided to begin work on building the 8 foot tall roof tower, similar in construction to the Glen Martin RT-832. Follow this link to a step-by-step description of the project and current status: WB0DGF Roof-Tower Project. I also can provide plans or tower kits: W8IO Ham Roof Towers

VHF-UHF Operating Aids

In celebration of getting back on the VHF weak-signal bands in 2013, here is a collection of links to the various operating aids that are currently available.

VHF-UHF Operating Aids

VHF-UHF Operating in Michigan

VHF-UHF Antennas

How to use 4NEC2 with TANT

How to use 4NEC2 with TANT - WB0DGF

My Unofficial list of NEC and MININEC software

This list includes links to EZNEC, NEC4WIN, Super NEC, 4NEC2 and many others. NEC/MININEC Software List


YAGio - Yagi Design Software by W8IO

YAGio version 1.00 is now available!   YAGio runs fine under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Follow the link or email me at rgcox2 (at) for details.

updated 4 April 2015

144 MHz Mast Mounted LNA

I have collected lots of relays.  Now I need to design and build!  Follow this link to details of my latest project:  Mast Mounted LNA

LPCAD - Log Periodic CAD

LPCAD version 3.4 is now available!  LPCAD 3.4 runs fine under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Follow the link or email me at rgcox2 (at) for details.

updated 2 July 2013


Here is some information on one of the first antenna simulation programs to run on home computers in the 1980's.  Mininec-3

Optimized LPDA

This project consists of an attempt to design Single-Band Optimized Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays which have the same or better performance characteristics (VSWR, Gain, Front-to-Back, Front-to-Rear, high G/T, etc) as those of a similar boom-length monoband Yagi.  I call this new type of antenna - SBO-LPDA.  For details, follow this link:  SBO-LPDA

updated 9 Feb 2014

NEC Model Library

The link points to NEC/AO/YO models of various Ham antennas that I have simulated and/or tested over the past 38 years as an antenna design engineer. 

NEC/MININEC Software and Files List

Stealth Antennas

This information on stealth antennas was presented at a Lincoln ARC meeting in March 2006.

Stealth Antennas

WB0DGF Download Page

Here are all of the files available for download


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