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(updated 14 Aug 2017)

IO-815HD Ham Roof Tower    $570 List

Specifications IO-815HD Closest Competitor's Tower
List Price $570
Tower Height 8 feet (96 inches) 9 feet (108 inches)
Base Width 32 inches 36 inches
Tower Weight 70 lb. 54 lb.
Max. Antenna Wind Area at tower top 15 sq. ft. at 80 mph, 90% within 1 ft of tower top 23 sq. ft. at 85 mph
Max. Antenna + Rotor + Mast Weight 250 lb. 120 lb.
Tower Top Width 5 inches 5 inches
Rotor Plate location from Top 64.5 inches 34.75 inches
Rotor Mounting Options Hy-Gain or Yaesu (specify when ordering) Hy-Gain and Yaesu
Thrust Bearing (recommended, +$70) Yaesu GS-065 (specify when ordering) recommended
Maximum Mast Diameter 2.5 inches 2.375 inches
Mast (recommended, not included)  2" or 2.5" OD x 10 foot galvanized steel
 Texcom Steel masts  or  US Tower M10
9 feet long max.
Leg material 6061-T6 aluminum (1/4" thick x 2" angle) 6061-T6 aluminum (1/4" thick x 2" angle)
Shelf Material 6061-T6 aluminum (3/16" thick x 2" angle) 6061-T6 aluminum (1/8" thick x 1.5" angle)
Rotor Shelf Material6061-T6 aluminum (1/4" thick x 2" angle)6061-T6 aluminum (1/8" thick x 1.5" angle)
Foot material 6061-T6 aluminum (1/4" thick x 2" angle) 6061-T6 aluminum (1.5" x 2" angle)
X-Brace and V-Brace material 6061-T6511 aluminum (3/16" x 2" flat) 6061-T6511 aluminum (1/8" x 1" flat)
Assembly Hardware 5/16"-18  18-8 stainless steel 1/4"-20  18-8 stainless steel
Foot to Leg hardware 3/8"-16  18-8 stainless steel 3/8"-16  18-8 stainless steel
Lockwashers/nylon locknutsYes (specify when ordering)nylon locknuts
Holes Deburred Yes ?
Part Edges Deburred Yes ?
Climbable Yes - with tower climbing belt or harness No
Tower fully assembled before shipmentYes - beginning Sept. 1, 2017No

W8IO 8 foot very heavy duty roof tower  W8IO 8 foot very heavy duty roof tower

                   Model IO-815HD 

The IO-815HD is perfect for moderate sized HF beam antennas such as the Mosely PRO-67C, Hy-Gain 203BA, 204BA, Explorer-14, TH7DX, KIO 5-band Hex Beam, ... The IO-815HD is also one of the best roof towers to use for stacking a VHF beam along with a small HF beam.
 Assembly and Installation Manual for IO-815HD (8 foot) roof tower

Model IO-815HD Manual 5May17   (new)

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